International Association of Fire Fighters - Local 555

Recreational Burning

If you plan to have any type of recreational fire on your property, please make sure you are doing it safely AND correctly.

Check out the link below to make sure you don't get a visit from us tonight!

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Emergency Response

We respond to 4,000+ emergency fire & rescue calls within the City of Galesburg every year.

Volunteer Service

We volunteer our time to coordinate training, assist with entry-level testing, and take part in community events.

Community Outreach

We support local organizations like the YMCA, Salvation Army, MDA, and a wide variety of youth programs.


 Any time a member of our community finds themself in distress; they can call on us and we'll be there.

In addition to fire, medical, technical rescue, and hazardous material emergency response; many of our members are also actively engaged in rigorous fire prevention, investigation, maintenance,  and education programs.

When not participating in the most essential parts of the job you will often find our members out in the community training, volunteering, coaching, or taking part in one of the many programs or events that Galesburg has to offer.

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The Galesburg Firefighters Association was established in April of 1938 and is currently comprised of 36 Captains & Firefighters of the Galesburg Fire Department.  While tasked with representing fire department employees in all aspects of their employment, our mission extends far beyond that.  The GFA organizes fundraisers and community events throughout the year to support many local & regional organizations and causes.



150 S. Broad St.

Galesburg, Illinois 61401


Tel: (309) 657-6163

Emergency?  Dial 9-1-1

Message received. A member of the Galesburg Firefighters Association will be in touch with you shortly.

Railroad Days Waterfights

Thanks for always making theWaterfights a success and one of the marquee family events at Railroad Days!

Water fights are a great opportunity for Local Fire Departments to get together with family, colleagues, and friends to showcase their skills and abilities as part of an engine company.